The Best Franchise in India Under 10 Lakhs

Franchising has been booming on the territory of India for a long time, and the best franchise that can be started under 10 lakhs is a topic that will intrigue a lot of entrepreneurs. Investors opt for this business model because of its simplicity; buying a franchise gives a turnkey business ready to make a profit right away.

Also, franchises have a lower failure rate than starting an independent business. There are countless opportunities in this sector, and we will focus on presenting to you the best franchises in India under 10 lakhs.

Best Franchise in India Under 10 Lakhs

Mr. Sandwich – Fast Food Brand

The fast-food industry is one of the main franchising branches, so we had to put this franchise on our list of the best opportunities to start a franchise under 10 lakhs. Amit Mittal founded this company in 2016 in Lucknow, and they have been growing steadily since then. They currently have more than dozen locations across the whole of India, and they are looking for people who are willing to work with them on the further growth of this brand.

Mr. Sandwich brand gives the opportunity to start their franchise in any city or place on the territory of India. All costs of starting the Mr. Sandwich franchise ranges between 5 and 10 lakhs. Included in the franchise package is field assistance that will provide franchisor representatives.

Mr. Sandwich will provide every franchisee with the operation manual and ongoing support in every aspect of business during the whole duration of a franchise agreement.

As for the initial fee, it is 2.5 lakhs. The ongoing cost that the recipient must pay is a royalty fee of 5% of the gross revenue. This percent of the fee is one of the smallest, so this franchise is one of the top opportunities for starting a fast-food franchise in India.

Mr. Sandwich franchise cost in India:

  • Initial franchise fee: 2.5 lakhs
  • Estimated total initial investment: 5-10 lakhs
  • Royalty fee: 5%
  • Franchise agreement duration: 5 years

Emoi Artisanal – Ice Cream Brand

Anant Verma has a really interesting story, he founded this company in 2017. The inspiration for starting such a business was a desire to offer something new to the Indian ice cream market. The peculiarity of this franchise is that the sale and distribution of products take place via the popular Tuk Tuk trucks. This reduces costs because there are significant savings on renting space, so this is one of the best franchises in India under 10 lakhs.

The unique feature of the Emoi Artisanal Ice cream franchise is that it offers products that are different in taste and shape from all other similar companies in India. To start this franchise, you will need investment funds in the 5 to 10 lakhs range. The initial fee is 3.5 lakhs, and the royalty fee is paid through the income generated from the product’s sale.

When we combine all the costs, this franchise should cost you well under 10 lakhs, and that is why this franchise must be mention as one of the top opportunities for this type of business in India. The best thing is that sales occur via Tuk Tuk vehicles, which gives mobility and the ability to change selling points.

Cost of Emoi Artisanal Ice Cream franchise in India:

  • Initial fee: 3.5 lakhs- buying Tuk Tuk and other necessary equipment
  • Estimated total initial investment: 5-10 lakhs
  • Royalty fee: paid thru products that are sold
  • Duration of the franchise agreement: 5 years

Stark Bistro Cafe – Cafe/Food Brand

This is a brand that has entered the Indian market in 2016. Marvel’s superheroes inspire this whole business story, and their facilities are decorated in that style. This will be especially appealing to children but also to older people because Marvel superheroes have fans across the whole of India.

Stark Bistro Cafe, in addition to offering various types of coffee and tea, also offers delicious food. The investment required to start this franchise is under 10 lakhs, and this is not so common; franchises of this type in India are usually much more expensive, which is why this franchise is on the list of the best opportunities. The franchise agreement has five years duration, and it can be easily renewed after that period.

The initial fee is 2.5 lakhs; the royalty fee is only 5% of the monthly income of the franchise unit. This fee includes the franchisor’s assistance in arranging facility and ongoing support thru the whole duration of the franchise agreement.

The ongoing support in every business segment will be especially helpful to new entrepreneurs who don’t have experience running their own businesses.

Cost of Stark Bistro Cafe franchise in India:

  • Initial fee: 2.5 lakhs
  • Estimated total investment: 5 – 10 lakhs
  • Royalty fee: 5%
  • Duration of the franchise agreement: 5 years

Beyond Temptation – Caffe/Food Brand

Beyond Temptation started expanding in 2016; today, they have more than 100 locations around India. Also, they have franchises in Canada; this classifies them as one of India’s most successful franchising concepts.

Beyond Temptation’s main products are all kinds of chocolate beverages, but they also offer burgers, pizzas, cookies, etc.

Beyond Temptation offers a kiosk-type franchise, and the total expected investment is less than 10 lakhs. Also, this franchise does not have a classic royalty fee; they charge this fee from the margin that must be paid for products. And this new approach makes this company one of the best franchises in India.

The initial fee required for opening the Beyond Temptation franchise kiosk is only 2.5 lakhs. The new franchisees will have full support from the company, which will help all-rookie entrepreneurs who want to start their own business venture.

Cost of Beyond Temptation franchise kiosk in India:

  • Initial fee: 2.5 lakhs
  • Estimated total investment: 7 – 8 lakhs
  • Royalty fee: paid thru the margin of the product
  • Duration of the franchise agreement: Lifetime

Kingdom Of Momos – Food Brand

This brand was founded in 2016, and its expansion began in 2018; since then, they have accomplished to open more than 30 franchise units in India. Their goal is to open more units in the future, so they are pleased to accept into their team partners who are ready to become franchisees.

The unique feature of this franchise is that they offer Momo and Chinese dishes, so if you are a fan of these cuisines, this will be a business opportunity for you.

To start the Kingdom Of Momos franchise, you will need investment funds in a range between 5 to 10 lakhs. The initial fee is 2.8 lakhs, and the royalty fee is only 2%. It is one of the lowest fees, so it puts this brand at the very top of the list of best opportunities to start a franchise in India.

In terms of support, franchisees’ training takes place at the brand’s central location in New Delhi. The franchise package includes all the help, so the franchise recipient will receive service directly at its location of the facility and will also receive all the necessary support related to the overall running of the business.

Cost Kingdom Of Momos franchise in India:

  • Initial fee: 2.8 lakhs
  • Estimated total investment: 5-10 lakhs
  • Royalty fee: 2%
  • Duration of franchise agreement: 2 years

Go69 Pizza – Pizza Brand

This company was founded in 2015 in Lucknow by Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastava. Since 2016 when Go69 Pizza started its expansion, they have opened more than 65 locations across India. This success can be attributed to their business model; it is based on the fact that they do not charge a royalty fee in the typical form.

Go69 Pizza charges a royalty fee through the raw material that each franchisee must procure directly from them.

Thanks to this flexibility, the entire investment for the Go69 Pizza franchise is under 10 lakhs. Most of the costs go for the purchase of workspace and other necessary equipment needed to prepare the food.

In addition to pizza, this brand also offers its customers a large variety of top delicious food: grill food, french fries, ice creams, and cold and hot drinks. So it will be necessary to buy various types of appliances for preparing food and beverages.

As for the help of the franchisor, an operating manual is available, and the training takes place in the main office of the Go 69 Pizza brand and on the location of the new franchise. So franchisees get much-needed support in all aspects of the business. The franchise agreement is signed once, and it lasts a lifetime.

Cost of Go69 Pizza franchise in India:

  • Estimated total investment: 5-10 lakhs
  • Royalty fee: paid through the purchase of raw materials directly from the franchisor
  • Duration of the franchise Agreement: lifetime

Chaat Adda – Street Food Brand

Teena and Anubhav Yogi founded this franchise in 2014, and since then, they have managed to open more than 50 units across India. The unique feature of Chaat Adda facilities is that traditional Indian street cuisine is prepared indoors; this ensures better hygiene.

Following the example of U.S. franchises, this brand has adopted an operational model in which the franchisor provides full support to the franchisee all the time.

The entire investment in opening the Chaat Adda facility costs less than 10 lakhs, which is why this is one of the top franchise in the Indian market. The franchise agreement lasts a lifetime, so the franchisee has an opportunity to plan a long-term business future related to this brand.

The support that the franchisor provides takes place in the main office but also in the area of the facility. So this will be one of the best business opportunities for beginner entrepreneurs who want to open their own business.

Cost of Chaat Adda franchise in India:

  • Estimated total investment: 8-10 lakhs
  • Franchise agreement duration: lifetime

Rolls & Bowls by Feedx – Food Brand

Rolls & Bowls started its operations in 2019; so far, they have opened a dozen restaurants in locations across India. This brand is based around serving dishes in rolls, and the taste of their rolls can be compared to those that we can taste on the streets of India.

In addition to rolls stuffed with all kinds of meat and vegetables, this brand also offers a wide variety of hot and cold beverages.

The total costs required to start a Rolls & Bowls by Feedx franchise are under 10 lakhs. The initial fee that the franchisee has to pay is 3 lakhs, and the franchise agreement lasts a lifetime. This is one of the good business opportunities because this brand has only recently started expanding into the Indian market.

Rolls & Bowls by Feedx is actively looking for associates who are willing to start their franchise. This brand will grow in the future, and that makes it a good opportunity for starting a new business venture.

Rolls and Bowls by Feedx franchise cost in India:

  • Estimated total investment: 7-10 lakhs
  • Franchise agreement duration- lifetime

The Waffling Station – Waffle Brand

The Waffling Station is a waffle brand that was founded in 2017 in Rajkot, and it started franchise operations in 2020. Their offer is based on delicious waffles that they sell in various flavors and shapes. This is a kiosk-type franchise, so the investment in it is under 10 lakhs.

From The Waffling Station, every franchisee can expect training in the field, help with legal matters and help with equipment purchase. In addition, this brand will supply each of its franchisees with quality raw materials.

This brand has started recently working hard on expanding its franchise units, and it is looking for franchisees across the whole of India.

The Waffling Station franchise cost in India:

  • Initial fee: 2 lakhs
  • Estimated total investment: 5-10 lakhs
  • Royalty fee: 7%
  • Duration of the franchise agreement: 3 years

Momo Nation Cafe – Fast Food Brand

The Momo National Cafe brand was founded in 2016, and in 2017 they started to expand all over India. They currently have more than 20 franchise units in various locations. This brand is trendy among franchisees because its offer is based on quality and delicious food at an affordable price.

The cost of their franchise varies depending on which type of object the recipient will choose; the kiosk unit is under 10 lakhs, which is why many entrepreneurs opt for this option. This is one of the fastest-growing franchises in India, and that is why it is a top opportunity to start a new business venture.

As for the support provided by the franchisor, the operating manual is available, on-site training, and all other necessary assistance related to the managing business.

This brand offers a standard franchise agreement that lasts five years, with the possibility of renewal after that.

Momo Nation Cafe kiosk franchise cost in India:

  • Initial fee: 4 lakhs
  • Estimated total investment: 8.5-10 lakhs
  • Royalty fee: 5%
  • Duration of the franchise agreement: 5 years


Every investor must be aware that franchising has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. First, you should think carefully about the type of business you will be doing. The franchisee must commit at least a few years to do business within the chosen concept, so it is wise to start a business in a niche that gives the most satisfaction to the investor.

In addition to these franchises that can be started with an initial capital under 10 lakhs, many other franchises are available that require a more or less initial investment. With little research, entrepreneurs can quickly discover a business concept that meets the best budget at their disposal.

This business concept provides many opportunities, which is why there are many franchisors in the Indian market under 20 lakhs, but there are also those under 5 lakhs. Do not rush to choose a franchisor; only when you have explored all the possibilities decide which franchise concept is right for you.

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