The Financial Breakdown of a N-Hance Franchise

We have outlined all information about this investment cost for all potential investors interested in starting the N-Hance franchise. Also, we will reveal how much this franchisor charges royalties and how much gross sales and profit can expect this brand franchise owner. 

Key Takeaways

  • N-Hance is a franchising brand with more than 500 U.S franchised locations; its core business is to provide all kinds of wood treatment services to residential and commercial customers.
  • The total investment cost to start an N-Hance franchise is $57,823 to $168,545.
  • N-Hance’s Initial Fee is $14,078 to $81,752; the amount that the investor will need to pay depends on how much the franchise agreement specifies the population of the protected area.
  • The N-Hance owner will need to pay franchise royalties that are all combined 10% of Gross Sales( Royalty Fee 2% + Marketing Fee 8%)
  • The owner of the average gross sale earning N-Hance franchise makes an annual salary of approximately $120,000.

What is N-Hance

N-Hance is a franchising company whose core business is to provide wood cleaning, coating, and protection. Except for wood care, they offer renewal products and services for wood flooring, cabinetry, trim, and other wood furnishings.

This company has specialized in offering services to residential and commercial customers. Since 2001 they have been in business, and since 2003 this company has supervised the opening more than 500 franchise units across the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

N-Hance is unique because they use portable ultraviolet light fixtures to cure the solutions after application to complete the wood treatment. Also, this brand offers many water-based products, making them especially popular among customers. 

How Much Does The N-Hance Franchise Cost

The N-Hance franchise cost ranges from $57,823 to $168,545. This estimation of the total necessary investment includes the initial fee and all other necessary expenses that will occur before opening day. 

One of the highest N-Hance franchise costs is related to an Initial Fee which ranges from $14,078 to $81,752. This expense vary based on the population of the protected area designated in the franchise agreement and the product and equipment package that the investor chooses.

This franchising brand participates in the IFA’s Vet Fran Program, so Veterans of the U.S Army forces have the right to a discount on the Initial License Fee. Also, police officers paid firefighters and paid emergency medical technicians, and paramedics in an emergency medical service have the right to the same discount as Veterans.

Also, one of the highest N-Hance franchise costs will be a white cargo van or a white pickup truck with a trailer that is required for the operation of the business and is used to transport equipment and products to a job site. 

Usually, this type of vehicle costs $35,000, but if the investor opts for leasing, that deal can be a much more affordable option than paying all the amount in full at once.

N-Hance franchise list of starting costs:

  • Initial Fee: $14,078 to $81,752
  • Equipment and Product Package: $11,000 – $20,995
  • Marketing and Operations Package: $23,000 
  • Business Vehicle: $0 – $35,000
  • Three Month’s Rent: $0 – $5,500
  • Telephone and Business License: $400 – $4,000 
  • Travel Expenses While Attending Training: $1,000 – $4,000
  • Insurance: $600 – $6,000
  • Working Capital$2,500 – $12,000 / first three months
  • Computer System: $0 – $2,000
  • Cost of Advertising: $1,500 – $5,000 /first three months
  • Work Permits and Licenses: $700 – $5,000 
  • TOTAL ESTIMATED INITIAL COST $57,823 – $168,545

With approved credit, this franchising brand as a company offers direct financing, so investors can opt to cover the N-Hance franchise cost with the help of the franchisor.

N-Hance Franchise Fees

N-Hance charges its franchisee’s one-time Initial fee ranging from $14,078 to $81,752, an ongoing Royalty Fee of 2% of gross sales, and an ongoing marketing fee of 8% of all sales that the business generates per month.

Investors must be aware that they will make minimum royalty, advertising, and other payments, regardless of the sales levels that the business generates!

In practice, that means the N-Hance franchise owner will need to pay for the minimum monthly royalty of $209-$786/ per month and the minimum marketing fee, which is $200-$400/ per month, even if its business produces $0 of monthly gross sales.

After the business generates more gross sales, the franchisor will start to charge its fees from the percentage of the revenue. So new owners of the N-Hance franchise can expect to pay 10% of the gross sales to the franchisor for his service.

This type of business delivers excellent profit margins to the business owners, so franchisor royalties in the amount of 10% of gross revenue will not burden overall business profitability.

N-Hance list of the franchise fees:

  • Initial Fee: $17,123 to $46,049.
  • Royalty Fee: 2% of Gross Revenue or the Min. of $209-$786/mo.(depends on what franchise package investor picks)
  • Marketing Fee: 8% of Gross Revenue or the Min. of $200-$400/mo.
  • Website Maintenance Fee: $35 month per site
  • Convention Fee: $1,100 – $1,900 per year
  • Customer Relationship Management Software: $80 – $120 per month.

If the investor pays Initial License Fee in full within six months of signing the Franchise Agreement, N-Hance will offer a Cash Discount of 12% of the Initial License Fee amount. So an investor who has the necessary start-up capital can take advantage of this.

N-Hance Franchise Profit

On average, N-Hance franchises produce gross sales of $400,000 with a min.30% of profit margin. The owner can expect to make a $120,000 salary per year by owning the average earning N-Hance franchise.

However, this data is an average that these franchises produce to their owners per year, so new franchisees must be aware that in the first year, gross revenue will be much lower than mentioned above.

Also, most of N-Hance franchise owners usually purchase several franchises covering separate geographic areas. A franchisee can achieve overhead efficiencies by offering services in the broader territory, so potential investors must be ready to spread their business. 

At the end of 2021, this franchising company had 166 U.S. franchise owners who operated 428 U.S N-Hance businesses. So from this data, we can see that usually, the wiser option is if investors opt to open multi-unit franchises.

How do we calculate the N-Hance franchise owner’s salary per year?

We compiled all data about N-Hance’s average gross sales per year from this company franchise disclosure document. This franchisor, quarterly, collect from their current franchise locations data about their earnings, so it is the most accurate data that aspiring investors can find.

An interesting fact is that the top earning N-Hance franchise owner has made from its business $2,401,889 of gross sales by the end of 2020, and the bottom performer has made $74,297 of gross sales for the same period.

So interested investors must know that their profit will depend on geographical location, the number of franchises they open, and their managerial skills to scale business.

The N-Hance franchise owner can expect a profit margin of at least 30% of the gross sales per year. It is because this business delivers high payment per job/customer with minimal spending on operating costs.

N-Hance Franchise Requirements

Franchise applicants must have a Net Worth of $100,000 or $50,000 of Liquid Assets to meet N-Hance franchise requirements regarding financing initial investment costs.

Every franchise owner must purchase a minimum of $4,000 of cleaning products from N-Hance as a company for each license they own. 

Every N-Hance franchised location is required to use the franchisor’s web-based customer management System in the operation of the business.

Also, franchisees must meet specific requirements regarding a business vehicle that will be used for everyday work operations!

A white cargo van or white pickup truck must comply with the current N-Hance standards; marking it professionally and clearly on both sides with the franchisor brand-approved logos will be necessary.

How Much N-Hance Franchise Agreement Have Duration

The typical N-Hance franchise agreement has five years duration; after that period franchise owner must sign a new contract with the franchisor if he wants to continue using this brand’s trademarks.

Who Is The Owner of the N-Hance

The owner of the N-Hance trademarks is NHance, Inc, a Delaware corporation formed in 2013. This brand is founded by Harris Research, Inc, the same company that owns a Chem-Dry franchising system.


N-Hance is a low-cost franchise that aspiring business owners can start for minimal investment. This business delivers an excellent profit margin, so it can be an ideal option for investors who are interested in becoming business owners in this industry. 

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