Novus Glass Franchise Profile

The Novus Glass franchises are retail or mobile businesses that provide the public with high-quality automotive glass, commercial and residential glass repair and replacement services, and certain other automotive after-market products and services under the Trademark name Novus.

This brand offer franchise opportunities under the legal name of the company ”Novus Franchising 2 LLC.” whose principal business address is 650 Pelham Boulevard, Suite 100, St. PaulMN 55114, USA.

Franchise Legal Name: Novus Franchising 2 LLC

Franchise Trade Name (DBA): Novus, Novus Glass

Founded:1972, United States of America

Founder: Gerald Keinath

Current Owner: MONDOFIX INC.

CEO: Steve Leal

Operating Status: Active

Started Franchising: 1985

Industry:  Automotive Maintenance

The Total Number of Franchise Units Worldwide:  2,013

The Number Of Franchisee-Owned Units in the USA: 163

Investment Cost for Starting One Franchise Unit in USA:

  • $78,100 to $271,690 for a retail location
  • $57,600 to $157,490 for mobile store location

Average Gross Sales per One Franchise Unit:

  • $312,259 for mobile franchises in 2021
  • $674,284 for a stand-alone franchise location in 2021

Expected Franchise Owner Profit Margin From Gross Revenue:


Franchise Business Address:

  • 650 Pelham Boulevard, Suite 100 St. PaulMN 55114 USA

Website: Franchise Opportunities | Novus Glass

Phone: (800) 944-6811


Novus Glass Franchisee Initial and Ongoing Financial Requirements

Net Worth: $40,000

Liquid Assets/Cash Requirement: $40,000

Initial Fee Cost: $10,500

Ongoing Monthly/Weekly Franchisee Royalty Fees:

  • Franchisor Royalty Fee: 6% of Gross Revenue
  • Advertising Contribution Fee: 2% of Gross Revenue
  • Local Advertising Fee: 4% of Gross Revenue

Number of U.S. – Based Novus Glass Stores by Years

  • In 2023, there were 2,013 Novus Glass stores opened worldwide; 163 of them were U.S-based franchisee-owned locations

  • In 2022 there were 154 of this brand’s franchised stores operating in the USA

  • In 2021 Novus had 165 stores operating in the USA

  • In 2020 there were 174 of these repair glass stores presented on the U.S market

Novus Glass Average Annual Gross Sales Level per One Franchise Unit

  • In 2021 average earning mobile store Novus Glass franchise has made $312,259 of gross revenue, and $674,284 of gross revenue is an average in the same fiscal year for a stand-alone franchised location based in the USA.


Steve Leal was appointed as a Novus Glass Chief Executive Officer and President in April 2017

Daniel Hogg was appointed as Chief Financial Officer in April 2017

Ted D. Andersen become a Vice President of Franchising and Operations in May 2017

Mary N. Nelson has been a Novus Marketing Manager since May 2017

Jay L. Bickford was appointed as a Director of Training and Development of Mondofix in January 2021

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