Franchise vs. License: What to Choose?

What is a better business model franchising or licensing? It is a very common question asked by traders who want to join a brand and thus start businesses with a company that already has a large base of customers. In this comparison, franchise vs. license, we will start with licensing. The license is rental of … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a McDonald’s Franchise

Store front of existing McDonald's franchise

McDonald’s operates more than 37,000 restaurants located in more than 120 countries around the world. Suppose you consider starting a McDonald’s franchise. In that case, you must be aware that this company considers only people who already own or manage significant financial resources for their future franchise owners. To be considered for this franchise costs … Read more

What Is a Franchise?

A drawing that explains how the franchise concept works

If you are a rookie entrepreneur or a newbie investor who wants to know what is a franchise, you come to the right place. We will outline in plain language all facts that must know by all individuals who are meeting for the first time with the term ”franchise”. Starting franchises is more than ever … Read more

Mate Rimac: The Story of Success

Mate Rimac sits in his electric car

The story of the successful innovator who produced the fastest electric car in the world begins in high school when Mate Rimac created his first patent. Even then, at an early age, Mate Rimac drew attention to himself through his inventions. The graduation assignment resulted in the innovation of a glove that combined mouse and … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Subway Franchise

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit but are hesitant to start a business from scratch,¬†franchising may be the perfect solution. When you learn all about the franchise model, you will join a proven and successful business model that offers name recognition, training, and support from the start.¬† One such franchise you may be interested in … Read more