Snap-on Tools Franchise Profile

Snap-on Tools Official Logo

Snap-on Tools offers a license to operate a franchised mobile store whose core business is to sell high-quality repair and diagnostic tools and equipment to professional mechanics and other tool users throughout the United States. The brand Snap-on Tools offers franchise opportunities under the legal name of the company ”Snap-on Tools Company LLC.” whose principal … Read more

Tommy’s Express Car Wash Franchise Profile

Tommy's Express Car Wash Logo

Tommy’s Express Car Wash is a brand that offers franchises for the operation of an ultra-modern car wash, which features a distinctive acrylic roof with innovative systems, designs, and equipment, such as a modular control station and a flight deck control center which reduce labor costs to a minimum. The brand Tommy’s Express Car Wash … Read more

Big O Tires Franchise Profile

Big O Tires Official Logo

Big O Tires is a brand that offers franchises for the operation of retail stores whose core business is selling and servicing tires and related automotive products and services. The brand Big O Tires offers franchise opportunities under the legal name of the company ”Big O Tires, LLC.” whose principal business address is 4300 TBC WayPalm … Read more

Grease Monkey Franchise Profile

Grease Monk Official Trademark Logo

Grease Monkey franchise businesses provide the general public with oil changes and preventive maintenance services for cars and trucks. Franchisees can also opt to operate a Monkey Shine car wash facility (“Monkey Shine Facility”) which provides a car wash option and other regular vehicle maintenance services. The Grease Monkey offers franchise opportunities under the legal … Read more

Novus Glass Franchise Profile

Novus Glass official logo and tagline

The Novus Glass franchises are retail or mobile businesses that provide the public with high-quality automotive glass, commercial and residential glass repair and replacement services, and certain other automotive after-market products and services under the Trademark name Novus. This brand offer franchise opportunities under the legal name of the company ”Novus Franchising 2 LLC.” whose … Read more

Jiffy Lube Franchise Profile

Official Jiffy Lube Logo

Jiffy Lube franchises offer oil change and lubrication services for cars and light trucks, as well as light repair services. This brand offer franchise opportunities under the legal name of the company ”Jiffy Lube International, Inc.” whose principal business address is 150 N. Dairy Ashford, Houston, Texas 77079. Franchise Legal Name: Jiffy Lube International, Inc. … Read more

Clear the Confusion: What is an LLC and How Does it Work?

Limited Liability company LLC

Limited liability companies (LLC) are one of 5 types of business entities. They have a combination of the characteristics of corporations as well as partnerships.  Key Takeaways  An LLC is a business entity with characteristics of a sole proprietorship/ partnership and a corporation.  It protects a business owner’s personal property.  It has a flexible management … Read more

Navigating the Business Loan Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Every new USA-based startup requires capital to commence with market operations. So we will dive in and show entrepreneurs how to get a loan to start with business!  Key Takeaways: Building a space, buying equipment, stocking inventory, and hiring staff, cost a lot, and most U.S startups cover these expenses thru business loan funding sources. … Read more

Funding Your Dream: How to Get the Money to Start Your Own Business

Every small business needs startup funding, also known as startup capital or business loans! We will reveal sources where you can search for funds to start a business. Key Takeaways: The whole point of getting funds to start a small business is to provide the initial money needed to turn an entrepreneur’s idea into a … Read more

The Basics of Business Entities: What You Need to Know

What is a business entity?

This blog will take you through what a business entity is and its characteristics. The importance of choosing the right kind of business entity is also discussed.  Key Takeaways This is an organization created to conduct business activities. There are 5 main types, sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships. How … Read more