The Essential Guide to Non-Profit Organizations

A nonprofit company is a type of business entity whose main purpose is not to make money. Sometimes, these companies are charities or goal-oriented organizations; other times, they are institutions such as schools or religious organizations. There are nonprofit corporations/companies that are, indeed, profitable. Still, the difference between this type and other business entities is … Read more

Business Angels: The Role They Play in Supporting Small Businesses

‘Business Angel’ is the common name for wealthy private individuals who invest in small and medium-sized businesses. These types of investors fund startup ventures in the hope of making a significant return on investment! Business Angels usually have some business experience and want to use their knowledge and expertise to find an opportunity others have … Read more

Find Your Perfect Pizza Franchise: The Top Choices

There are a lot of pizza franchises available for purchase, but we will mention only the ones that are considered as best. We will outline their initial investment cost with an initial fee and ongoing franchisor royalties that owners must pay regularly! Key Takeaways: There are more than 75 thousand pizza restaurants currently present in the … Read more

What is a Job Description and Why is it Important

what is a job description

Job descriptions are something everyone encounters at some point in their lives. This article will talk about what a job description is as well as the main components of job descriptions.  Key Takeaways A job description is a document that summarises the qualifications and responsibilities of a potential employee.  It’s a formal and concise article … Read more

Crafting the Perfect Job Description: Tips and Tricks

how to write a job description

The demand for high-quality talent in industries like technology, healthcare, and finance is more competitive than ever—and as the employee recruitment process becomes fully digitized and even goes mobile, recruiters increasingly need all the same skill sets as content marketers to catch the attention of the right potential hires. First, you need to know what … Read more

Gross Profit Explained: How to Calculate it and Why it Matters

gross profit

Gross profit is an excellent indicator of a product’s performance and can indicate when a company needs to cut costs to increase the pricing of its products. This article will explore what gross profit is, how to calculate it, its advantages and disadvantages. In addition the article will take you through what costs are considered … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Buffalo Wild Wings Franchise

Buffalo Wild Wings franchise located in Illinois

For all those entrepreneurs that are considering the opportunities for launching a new Buffalo Wild Wings franchise, this information about its initial investment cost and owner profit can give valuable insight into what entrepreneurs can expect by investing in this type of restaurant business! Key Takeaways: Two types of Buffalo Wild Wings franchise locations are … Read more

ROI 101: The Basics of Calculating Return on Investment

return on investment

Return on investment is a key financial metric with a range of valuable uses. Most financial concepts in the business world are based on this metric. This article will explore the return on investment as a concept, different ways to calculate it, and the advantages and shortcomings of this metric. Examples will be used to … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Jimmy John’s Franchise

Jimmy John's franchise location in Indiana

This review of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches franchise display all important data regarding the initial starting cost and profit/salary that the owners of these franchised restaurants can expect to make. Key Takeaways: Jimmy John’s restaurants sell sandwiches, fresh-baked bread, and a wide range of food and beverage products, along with providing carryout and delivery services … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Valvoline Instant Oil Change Franchise

Valvoline Instant Oil Change franchise in Ohio

This review of the Valvoline Instant Oil Change revealed how much starting these franchises will cost investors and how much franchise owners can expect to make in profit/salary per year by owning this franchised business. Key Takeaways: Valvoline was established in 1866, and currently, this brand is one of the leading suppliers of premium car … Read more