Take 5 Oil Change Franchise Profile

Take 5 franchises are Garage Centers, whose core business is to provide quick service oil change, lubrication, and other related motor vehicle services and products to customers throughout the USA.

The brand Take 5 offers franchise opportunities under the legal name of the company “Take 5 Franchisor SPV LLC.” whose principal business address is 440 S. Church Street, Suite 700, CharlotteNC 28202, USA.

Franchise Legal Name: Take 5 Franchisor SPV LLC

Franchise Trade Name (DBA): Take 5

Founded: 1984 in Metairie, Louisiana, USA

Current Owner: Driven Brands Holdings Inc.

CEO: Jonathan Fitzpatrick

Operating Status: Active

Started Franchising: 2016

Industry:  Automotive Maintenance

The Total Number of Stores Worldwide: 762

The Total Number of U.S Based Franchisee-Owned Units: 173

Investment Cost for Starting One Franchise Unit in the USA:

  • From $734,497 to $1,307,888 for starting a new (ground-up) Take 5 Oil Change franchise.
  • From $221,997 to $537,888 to start conversion Garage Center franchised business.

Average Gross Sales per One U.S.-Based Franchise Unit:

  • $1,131,801 of Gross Sales made average earning Take 5 oil change franchise in 2021.

Expected Franchise Owner Profit Margin From Gross Revenue:


Franchise Business Address:

  • 440 S. Church Street, Suite 700 CharlotteNC 28202 USA

Website: Franchise Opportunities | Take 5

Phone: (888) 616-3205

Franchising Inquiry E-Mail: Franchising@Take5OilChange.com 

Take 5 Franchisee Initial and Ongoing Financial Requirements

Net Worth: $500,000

Liquid Assets/Cash Requirement: $300,000

Initial Fee Cost: $35,000

Ongoing Monthly/Weekly Franchisee Royalty Fees:

  • Franchisor Royalty Fee: 7% of Gross Sales
  • Marketing Funds Contribution Fee: 5% of Gross Sales

Take 5 Average Annual Gross Sales Levels per One Franchise Unit

  • In the fiscal year 2021, an average earnings Take 5 oil change garage had made $1,131,801 in gross revenue.

  • Top performing 50% of garages had $1,449,465 in gross income in 2021.

  • The bottom performing 50% of the garages have earned, on average, $814,137 in gross revenue from offering different automotive services to customers in 2021.

Number of U.S. – Based Take 5 Garage Centers by Years

  • In 2023, there were 731 Take 5 change oil garage stores opened in the USA; 173 of them were franchisee-owned locations.

  • In 2022 there were 173 franchisee-owned and 558 franchisor-owned stores in the USA.

  • In 2021 there were 96 franchisees-owned and 508 company-owned stores operating in the USA.

  • In 2020 45 franchisees-owned and 475 company-owned stores were operating in the USA.


Jonathan Fitzpatrick has been a Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Take 5 since January 2017. Mr. Fitzpatrick.

Scott O’Melia has served as Manager, Executive Vice President, and Secretary since May 2020.

Tiffany Mason has been Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since March 2020.

Brady Noon has been Chief Marketing Officer since December 2021

Daniel Rivera has been Brand President since January 2020.

Eric Wollenhaupt has been Vice President of Operations and Training since January 2020.

Logan Sumner has been Vice President of Development since February 2020.

Dennis Elliott has served as Senior Vice President of M&A and Development for Driven Brands, the parent company of Take 5, since August 2020.

Ted Rippey has been Senior Vice President of Franchise Development for Driven Brands since January 2020.

Jorge Juan Primo Planta has been Vice President of Development for Driven Brands since April 2020.

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