What is a Job Description and Why is it Important

Job descriptions are something everyone encounters at some point in their lives. This article will talk about what a job description is as well as the main components of job descriptions. 

Key Takeaways

  • A job description is a document that summarises the qualifications and responsibilities of a potential employee. 
  • It’s a formal and concise article that creates a clear picture of what the job entails. 
  • A job description mainly contains the job title, job purpose, duties and responsibilities and working conditions of a given job. 

What is a Job Description

A job description, also known as a JD, is an article that summarises responsibilities, activities, qualifications and skills for a job position. It can also include the expected salary range for the job, insights into benefits the potential employee will receive as well as information into the culture of the company posting the job description. These documents are ideally formal and concise. 

The Main Parts of a Job Description 

The Job Title

The job title indicates the general idea of what the job entails. Since most individuals search for jobs using job titles, so a good job description has a job title that’s clear and free of spelling errors to make it easier for job seekers to find it. It’s usually less than 4 words in length.

The Job Purpose 

This section provides a birds-eye overview of the job position. This is usually 3 to 4 sentences long and lets job seekers get a general idea of why the job exists. 

The Job Duties and Responsibilities

Also known as the essential functions section, this section goes into detail about the exact responsibilities of the person who will hold the position of interest. This will explain areas of direct accountability, which tasks are expected of the employee and how often, the nature of contact the employee will have and with whom they will be in contact.

This section also includes desired outcome of tasks the employee has to perform, the financial responsibilities of the employee and where and how often they will be working etc. 

Required Qualifications

This section of the JD will outline the educational qualifications, expertise or experience necessary to be considered for the job. Qualifications vary not only from job to job but also from employer to employer.

It should be noted that employers don’t require job seekers to have 100% of the mentioned qualifications. 

Working Conditions

The working conditions should cover the nature of the workplace. The description should include if work takes place indoors or outdoors, if the employees are exposed to any hazardous substances or extreme temperature or noise, whether the job requires physical requirements or if the job has travel requirements. This way, prospective employees know exactly what to expect. 


A good JD should give prospective employees a clear idea of what to expect when it comes to a job in question. Job seekers look for clear, concise job descriptions that go into the job’s specifics.

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