Ziebart Franchise Profile

Ziebart franchises are car detailing garage stores that offer appearance and protection services to motor vehicles, including the application of protective coatings, detailing services, window treatment, and installation of accessory products.

The brand Ziebart offers franchise opportunities under the legal name of the company ”Ziebart Corporation.” whose principal business address is 1290 E. Maple Road, TroyMI 48083, USA.

Franchise Legal Name: Ziebart Corporation

Franchise Trade Name (DBA): Ziebart

Founded: 1959 in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Founder: Kurt Ziebart

Current Owner: Ziebart International Corporation

Chairman & CEO: Thomas A. Wolfe

Operating Status: Active

Started Franchising: 1962

Industry: Automotive Maintenance

The Total Number of Stores Worldwide: 400

The Total Number of U.S Based Franchisee-Owned Units: 78

Investment Cost for Starting One Franchise Unit in the USA:

  • Between $416,820 and $566,100 is the investment cost to start a new Ziebart car detailing franchise.

Average Gross Sales per One U.S.-Based Franchise Unit:

  • N/A

Expected Franchise Owner Profit Margin From Gross Revenue:


Franchise Business Address:

  • 1290 E. Maple Road, TroyMI 48083, USA.

Website: Franchise Opportunities | Ziebart

Phone: (248) 588-4100

Franchising Inquiry E-Mail: customerservice@ziebart.com

Ziebart Franchisee Initial and Ongoing Financial Requirements

Net Worth: $350,000

Liquid Assets/Cash Requirement: $150,000

Initial Fee Cost: $36,000

Ongoing Monthly/Weekly Franchisee Royalty Fees:

  • Franchisor Royalty Fee: 5% and 8% of Gross Sales
  • National Media Advertising Fee: 5% of Gross Sales
  • AdvertisingProduction Fee: $7,638 per year

Ziebart Average Annual Gross Sales Level per One Franchise Unit

Although there is no data in Ziebart franchise disclosure regarding how much, on average, their franchises make in gross sales, the franchisor has revealed financial data for the fiscal 2021 year about four company-operated garages’ incomes.

In the fiscal year of 2021, company-owned stores have produced, on average, a total income from all sold products and services of approximately $1M per store.

Number of U.S. – Based Ziebart Stores by Years

  • At the beginning of 2023, there was 400 Ziebart car detailing garages opened worldwide; 78 were U.S-based franchisee-owned locations, and 310 were international franchises.

  • In 2022 there were 78 franchisee-owned and 12 franchisor-owned garages in the USA.

  • In 2021 there were 82 franchisees-owned and 12 company-owned garages operating in the USA.

  • In 2020 82 franchisees-owned and 12 company-owned garages were operating in the USA.


Thomas A. Wolfe is the current Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and President of the Ziebart Corporation.

Daniel C. Baker was appointed as Executive Vice President in January 2017.

Michael W. Riley has been a Senior Vice President since January 2008.

Patricia S. Lipsky has been License & Trademark Manager since February 2007.

Larisa C. Walega was appointed as Vice President of Marketing in January 2021.

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